Crop Production

This takes overall ecological and economic factors into account by means of continual adjustments to the latest knowledge and improvements in crop farming, e.g.

  • Hygiene standards for foods / product assurance
  • Technological developments
  • Increased productivity
  • Nature conservation / Landscape preservation
  • Habitat design and protection
  • Climate change

Maximum soil improvement is obtained through protective mechanical working and both interim and autumn greening. The plough is the main tool employed for tillage.

Winter wheat40%

Production 2019

Winter wheat Flour, pasta
Sunflower Oil
Amaranth foods
Linseed Oil
Alfalfa Hay / silage

grain and oil mills, industry, farmers

Austria, Germany, Switzerland

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Organic animal husbandry

The farm introduced Aberdeen Angus cattle in February 2009. The aim is to build up a herd of 100 suckler cows. The cattle, which originate from the UK, mature early and are generally undemanding. Consequently, they are kept in virtually all the traditional, overseas grazing areas.  The animals are generally monochrome black in colour, quiet, good-natured and calve for the first time after roughly 30 months. In fact, the breed is characterised by regular, problem-free calving.
2013 began the marketing of breeding material.

A satisfied clientele has long prized the Angus’ aromatic meat. Owing to a genetically secured trait to form thin muscle fibres and well-distributed, fine marbling, the Aberdeen Angus is used for the production of top quality beef and Angus farmers are frequently direct sellers. As the Angus naturally has no horns and a gentle disposition, the sucklers and fattening animals are well suited to keeping in large groups and herds. Moreover, as workloads are reduced due to the fact that dehorning is not required, births are straightforward and the calves are small and lively and are quickly able to find the udder, the use of Angus cattle in part-time farming is also growing.


The private hunting as well as the communal hunting grounds Andau are managed jointly.

  • Deer
  • Occasionally red deer and boars
  • Hares
  • Pheasants
  • Partridges
  • Pigeons
  • Ducks
  • Geese

Vehicle fleet

  • 6 tractors
  • 1 telescope loader
  • Various trailers (18t, 24t)
  • 9-shear plough
  • 12m cultivator
  • Pöttinger X8 mower
  • etc.